Chinese Granular Herbs
Our herbal pharmacy consists of products which fully comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and meet other stringent quality controls including 3rd party testing. Jennifer and Lisa combine these individual herbs to create a formula specifically for each patient at the time they are seen.

Health Concerns

Apex Energetics
Nutritional Supplements to support endocrine, immune & nervous systems

Dr. Debs
Western  single herb tinctures, topical arnica ointment  & tincture (for nerve pain).

Garden of Life

Essential Oils:  organic & wildcrafted from various wholesale suppliers. Personalized blends for massage, bath, salts, room sprays, plus. Co-create your own blends. Available for purchase: 15 ml bottles of Australian Organic Tea Tree and Bulgarian Wildcrafted high altitude Lavender. Other individual oils can be ordered.

Topicals and Patches