Lisagge* = Lisa + massage

Lisa Goodstein, L.Ac, DOM, LMT

Intuitive therapeutic massage / bodywork. Sessions  integrate massage techniques, positional release for structural & soft tissue balance, aromatherapy (see below), somatic techniques, anma (Japanese massage), tuina (Chinese massage) and subtle energy.

Safe, supportive & healing for emotional, physical & subtle energetic body.  Supportive treatment  for trauma (injury, PTSD) and abuse (physical, emotional & sexual) survivors.

I work as deeply as your body will allow me. There might be some discomfort but, there should not be pain. If pain, I adjust my pressure or change my technique.  I notice  non-verbal cues. I am grounded and maintain presence during the session.  I respect and honor your time on my table.

Following treatment: Drink water to flush out toxins and rehydrate. You will continue to experience shifts for up to 72 hours, most occur in 48 hours.

Initial massage training in Santa Fe at New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, 1993.

*Lisagge =  term bequethed for my work NYC, 1990’s


Aromatherapy = therapeutic use of essential oils. Essential oils are the fragrant essence &  immune system from flowers, plants, shrubs, trees and some fruit. Their scents vary as much as their actions, functions and properties.  They influence our organs, tissues, hormones, circulation, emotions, subtle energetic fields, immune system and more. My initial study, 20 years ago, was from the Western perspective, like most aromatherapists. While studying Chinese Herbs, I began studying essential oils from this  perspective and discovered potential that is generally not used.  I now use these amazing substances mostly from the Asian perspective. One drop of a single oil is applied to acupuncture points to achieve similar results as  a needle with more emotional actions (great for stress, detoxification, grounding, etc.).

For lisagge, I often create a blend (or 2) specifically for each person and session. The  construction is  similar to creating a Chinese herbal formula with  a little French perfume blending. The base oils are always organic. Essential oils are organic or wildcrafted, whenever possible.