Kailey Brown, CMT

Kailey has been managing Canyon Health Center since 2016. She is our current billing specialist that cares for all of our Worker’s compensation claims and our wonderful Veteran population. She keeps our insurance processes running smoothly to accommodate as many injured workers, Veterans, and private insurance patients as we can.

She also has been a licensed massage therapist for over five years. She studied at Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute, and has been continuing her education by studying Level One Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) through “Stop Chasing Pain.” NKT helps determine, through muscle testing, whether or not pain is from a muscle overworking or underworking, to ensure that through massage modalities it is the overworking muscle that is being released vs the underworking muscle.  NKT helps repattern dysfunctional movement patterns.

Kailey brings a number of other holistic therapies to her massage sessions. She is knowledgeable in Young Living essential oils and able to customize massage with aromatherapy. She uses Stress Away or Lavender to calm the nervous system and Panaway for aches and pains. Using cupping therapy she can encourage deeper healing to the tissue. She also utilizes trigger point therapy for shoulders and neck to help relieve headaches and tension, as well as low back pain and sciatica.

When not working, Kailey is an outdoors advocate! She is a believer that being outside is one of the best ways to live a healthy and fulfilling life. She currently is taking a break from massage therapy as she is busy raising her beautiful daughter, so you will most likely see her running the front desk until we are lucky enough to have her back on our therapy team.