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Our herbal pharmacy consists of more than 150 single granulated herbs which we custom blend to create a formula that is specifically for you. Sometimes misunderstood, Chinese Herbal Medicine is the particular process of combining an Herbal formula, it is the theory behind how to properly mix a balanced formula, not that the herbs come from China.  All of these herbs meet the high standards of GMP processing and are only formulated in house as they are custom blended.

We also carry many pharmaceutical grade vitamins, nutritional supplements and botanicals to support physiology with a science based approach. Typically these supplements are included in our functional medicine health plans.

As an established patient you will have access to many of these supplements and plant medicines in our clinic. We also give you access our online store Fullscript, a prescription platform you can use to purchase these health products and products we do not carry in stock.

You can log into Fullscript by clicking the link above.

Note: Self-prescription isn’t recommended.
If there are no practitioners of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or Functional Medicine near you, please call 530-888-0842 for a telephone consultation.