Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine in Auburn, CaliforniaOriental Medicine, including Chinese Herbal Medicine,  is a much older practice than acupuncture. It dates back more than 7,000 years ago. Not only is it older than acupuncture, it is viewed as a subtler more refined and thus “higher” level of medicine. Skilled herbalists are held in the highest esteem in China.

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years because of its effectiveness in treating various illnesses with a low risk of adverse reaction or side effects, especially when compared to pharmaceutical drugs. It treats the root of the problem, relieves symptoms, and restores normal body functions.

There are approximately 5,000 potential herbs in the pharmacopeia of the Chinese Herbologist, about 500 of which are commonly used. These consist of flowers, barks, leaves, roots, seeds, stems, fruits, berries, and many other gifts of nature. They are mixed in different combinations to create powerful, healing recipes that are carefully balanced according to energetic principles.

Each individual herb is designated to have certain inherent properties according to Chinese natural science theory. Herbs are categorized according to their Yin/Yang designation, their inherent flavor, temperature and the channels and organs to which they exert influence.

Chinese herbs are rarely prescribed individually. Instead, they are combined with other herbs into formulas. The idea is that by combining herbs, the practitioner may reduce the harshness of some herbs and/or increase the beneficial effects of others. Formulas are usually set up so that 1-3 herbs provide the main function of the formula, 1-3 more serve secondary functions, and 1-2 herbs guide the formula to the part of the body in need, and alleviate any toxicity. It is a system of checks and balances.

Chinese herbs are prescribed in order to extend the effects of the acupuncture treatment between patient visits. Not every patient will be prescribed an herbal formula. The practitioner will decide if herbs are necessary to attain the patient’s therapeutic goal.

Canyon Health Center provides high-quality herbs… All of our products are practitioner grade. That means that they are stronger than can be purchased at a health food or grocery store. Some products are not available over the counter.

We do not use or condone any herbal products that contain endangered or threatened plant and animal products, heavy metals, contaminants or adulterations. The formulas are given in either pill or tea form, and should be taken before meals with warm water. The formulas are safe and effective under supervision. One should not try to self-medicate with single herbs and should always consult a practitioner before taking any Chinese herbal formulas.