Health & Weight Loss

Want to feel healthy and lose weight?…..I do.

I recently took a class on weight loss and “body types” based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The theory behind this approach integrates functional medicine (hormones, metabolism, blood sugar) & TCM. Each of us were born with some organs weaker than others. These weaker organs need to be strengthened to bring the whole into balance. This balancing gets us healthy. The first step in this program is a 2 week detoxification of the liver. Herbs are used to support our individual constitution and weaknesses. The liver is the organ responsible for processing toxins and plays a vital role in blood sugar balance amongst its many other functions. Acupuncture points are used to support and reduce cravings.

After the detoxification process, we are on supportive herbs and food which is specific for each body “type”. For example, some ‘body types’ are best with no snacks between meals and others are best with many small meals all day – has to do with blood sugar balancing and hormone release. Some are better with high intensity exercise daily while others need aerobic exercise like yoga, tai chi, swimming. And there are those which need a combination of both.

The instructor for this class stressed that I, and my colleagues, do the program prior to using it with our patients. However, since this, like many other programs, works best partnering with someone for accountability and support; I thought …a group all doing this together could be the way to go.

Have you noticed the words ‘we’ & ‘our’??? I will be starting this soon ……do you want to join me?

Incentive….if you start with me, I will offer a  good package rate for the process.

Lisa Goodstein, L.Ac