Hamid Malek-Madani L.Ac., MS, MPA


Hamid graduated in 2006 from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. There he earned his Masters of Science degree in TCM. He also has a Masters degree in Public Administration with additional Healthcare option from California State University. As a Licensed Acupuncturist in California, he has worked in private practices, and in corporate wellness.  He also has worked intimately with thousands of patients, in assisting them overcome their limiting self-beliefs and guiding them towards a future that is possible and available no matter where we find ourselves. He has always combined talk therapy, meditation and acupuncture as one whole system. He is  committed to the vision of seeing every person as already whole and complete.  His patient goals are to  maximize our human potential from a place of abundance and creativity.  Acceptance of what is, and letting go of what was the “norm,” gives us room to play with new possibilities. Instead of fear, there is excitement and joy.  This is about stepping into the dynamic and ever-changing flow of life.

The sessions will also touch upon life-style choices.  Some topics of importance will be regarding nutrition, diet, and supplements. He will talk about how we can optimize our immune system, improve sleep, reduce stress, work on proper posture, as well as movement and exercises that will best suit your particular circumstances. Hamid will do this through bringing conscious attention to what is being felt, emotionally and physically in the body.

Hamid’s healing philosophy:

Acupuncture is the art of letting go of blockages and re-establishing the free flow of energy.
Pain and discomfort are gateways to a deeper understanding of our true nature.
In acceptance there is peace, in resistance there is suffering.
When the mind is at peace, the body naturally follows.

I strive to provide a safe and trusting space, to listen with empathy and share with you the most effective modalities suited to your specific needs.  The holistic nature of Chinese Medicine recognizes how our lifestyles, thinking and habits impact our physical and mental wellbeing.  During acupuncture a deeply relaxed dreamy state is achieved.  This is an optimum state for learning, promoting higher levels of creativity for problem solving and achieving a balanced emotional state.  I am grateful to be here at Canyon Health Center and look forward to seeing you.