Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine, like Asian medicine, is a holistic approach to health care focusing on prevention and underlying causes of imbalance rather than a single treatment for a single diagnosis. Functional Medicine is a science-based approach using your history, symptoms, and lab results to develop a highly individualized, comprehensive health plan. This health plan typically includes lifestyle activities, dietary guidelines, and targeted nutritional and herbal supplementation as needed.

How We Work

Before the consultation, you will be sent a link to fill out some paperwork.

This consultation serves several purposes. It enables us to assess your health goals, and which laboratory diagnostics and programs may be applicable to you. It also gives you the chance to get to know us, ask any questions you may have, and get a clear idea on what you should expect, and what your goals are.

Successful management of any complicated case requires appropriate testing, diagnosis, time, and realistic metabolic transitions. We have designed our practice and programs to avoid unnecessary case management, loss of financial resources, loss of time, and loss of energy.

After the Initial complimentary phone consultation, if you choose to move forward toward better health, we will assign you a functional medicine practitioner and health coach, and we will begin diagnostic analysis using the lab that is part of your package.

There is no less expensive way to get a broad perspective on things that may be affecting your health. The lab testing complete panels would cost about $1500.00 if processed through insurance companies.

This group of tests can suggest the probability of many conditions, including various types of anemia, gut, viral and bacterial infections, liver and kidney issues, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes, thyroid, adrenal problems and many more.

This medical practice is built on diet and lifestyle strategies to improve and normalize physiology. These strategies have been scientifically proven to address the underlying mechanisms that result in many patients’ symptom profiles as well as in chronic disease patterns.

Based on assessments and lab tests, these strategies are individualized to address your specific, personal health needs.

We believe most health concerns can be traced back to a finite number of root imbalances (ex: blood sugar issues, gut imbalances, toxicity and detox issues, a weakened & hyper-vigilant immune system, and poor energy & blood flow). We work to assess these imbalances, prioritize recommendations, and ultimately help guide you towards a path of disease regression and ideal aging.

Because nutritional therapy and laboratory/diagnostic testing are integral components of your treatment plan, appointments will be scheduled to go over test results and work with you through transitions.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A review of your medical history and relevant lab work
  • A detailed metabolic assessment
  • A summary of the underlying patterns that are contributing to your symptoms
  • An outline of a suggested treatment program, including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
  • If necessary, recommendations for other laboratory tests may be introduced to you such as saliva tests, urinalysis, or stool analysis as needed.

In general, we see significant changes happen in 90 days. If all of these elements are in place. After 90 days, or when symptomatically the patient has improved and goals seem to have been reached, we re-assess with another blood panel to confirm positive physiological changes and then move into a maintenance program to maintain optimal health.

This approach recognizes the influences of the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well being as components of the whole health of the patient. Rather than treating the symptoms of a disease, Functional Medicine examines the underlying processes leading to dis-ease. Together the practitioner and you explore patterns in your life, your history, your diet, your various environmental influences, your relationships, how you work, relax, play and sleep.

Functional Medicine looks at the residual effects of any medications you take, how well your digestive system functions, and what chemicals and toxins to which you regularly have exposure to. This creates the full picture of your health status and provides an understanding that helps you to maintain optimal well-being.

Functional Medicine views disease, not as “the enemy”, but rather as an opportunity for change and growth. It asks you to pay attention to your body and to communicate that to your practitioner, who is your advisor and your partner in this journey of life. Together we devise your therapy program, as a complement to your values, individual needs and lifestyle.

Why Work With a Functional Medicine Practitioner?


An Integrative science-based approach that is holistically centered. Work with someone who considers the full picture of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Determine why the body isn’t working properly and give you a roadmap back to health.

Coaching Sessions

Work with someone who understands the relationships between your body, environment, diet, lifestyle, your past successes and challenges, and vision for your future. You can address obstacles to success, find clarity and harness motivation.

Choose Your Package

Your Practioners

Elise Knox, Jennifer Reilly, Kasha Ra

What’s Involved

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Laboratory Testing and Analysis

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