Flu Protection


The nightly news has been talking about the flu season and how H1N1 is back. Here at Canyon Health we have been seeeing people with colds and flus for months. My latest preventative: 1-2 drops of organic tea tree essential oil in cup of warm water – use as mouthwash and gargle, then spit it out.  No, it is not tasty but, not horrible. Don’t swallow – tea tree is not good for the digesitve tract. Also around the office, we have been spraying organic green myrtle essential oil mixed  in distilled water.

Both these oils have a clean, sort of medicinal aroma and are disinfectant. Green Myrtle is a strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial, gentle enough for children with infections. Tea Tree is known for its anti-fungal properties but  is also anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

The standards for flu prevention of washing hands several times during the day with soap and warm water, avoid touching  your face, staying away from sick people if possible, getting rest, taking your supplements….. generally taking care of yourself are all important. A little boost with the oils can’t hurt.

We do have some organic tea tree oil for sale in 1/2 ounce bottles. And if you want some green myrtle spray, we can make you a bottle.