Mint or Ginger Tea?

Continuing from my last blog: mint vs ginger for nausea….basically the largest differences for this situation: mint enters the meridians (energy channels) of the Lung and Liver and has a cooling nature. Ginger enters the Lung, Spleen, Stomanch & Kidney meridans and is hot in nature.

Chinese Medicine studies food, plants and herbs  differently than Western Medicine. We examine the meridians they enter, their nature (think of temperature), part of plant  to be used (leaves, flowers, bark, etc.)  and of course, its functions & indication….what does it do to what.

Using nausea as the primary symptom, if you are also having heat symptoms, such as feeling warm, irritiable, red eyes, thirst, then mint tea is the one to choose. If you are feeling chilled, have loose stools, cold limbs, ginger tea would be better.

Back to essential oils: for application I have been using spearmint much more than peppermint lately; it’s a current personal preference. And because it is summer, I have not been using ginger essential oil at all. (But, I do continue to like this rhizome in my food).