Elise Knox, Functional Health Coach, Yoga Instructor

Elise Knox

Elise is an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach who completed a 12 month training program in June 2019, with Functional Medicine Practitioner Chris Kresser. Since becoming certified, she has coached dozens of private clients, as well as worked in a middle school and high school with teens to improve their physical and mental health.

She is a certified yoga instructor. She loves practicing yoga and shares her love of yoga by teaching kids yoga and mindfulness. She incorporates a holistic approach in her coaching by offering short guided meditations and breathing techniques to calm the body and encourage connection to self.

Before becoming a health coach, Elise was a middle school special education teacher, she took time off from teaching to start her family. She has two young daughters who inspired her to take her passion for health and share it with other people.

Elise found functional medicine after years of struggling with an undiagnosed auto-immune condition that started at age 22. She found healing through diet and lifestyle change after years of seeing doctors, searching for a diagnosis, and trying different medications.

Elise knows change is hard, and understands that it takes more than just information to truly commit to lasting change. And she believes that everyone deserves a chance to live vibrant, healthy life.

Her health coaching style is one of partnership and collaboration. She works directly with her clients to support to them as they embrace healthy lifestyle strategies. She supports them in following the treatment plan, protocol, and goals given by their practitioner, and encourages them to have their own vision for optimal health.

She will:

  • Help you develop your own health vision and create goals and action steps based on your
    vision and treatment plan
  • Encourage you to tap into your own insight, internal strengths, and external resources
  • Work with you to facilitate the behavior change process
  • Help you create accountability within yourself to reach your goals

Elise is studying to take the NBC-HWC (National Board Certified-Health and Wellness Coach)
certification in the fall. She believes in the power of Functional Medicine and Health Coaching to
heal the body and is honored to join people on their journey to better health.