Second Chance for New Year’s Resolutions

images-2February 10th is the Chinese New Year. Yes, the Chinese calender is a bit different than ours because it uses the lunar cycle so,  the new year date changes but always falls between January 21st and February 27th.

The Chinese zodiac has 12 years in its cycle, each one represented by an animal; 2013 is the Year of the Snake. Astrologers say that people born in the Year of the Snake are wise but enigmatic. They are very intuitive and size up situations well, but say little. Snakes are refined; they like to dress well and are usually financially secure. They are intense and passionate in relationships, but can become jealous and suspicious. Snakes prefer a calm, stress-free environment.

Recommit to Your New Year’s Resolutions
The Chinese do not traditionally make New Year’s Resolutions like we do in the West, however this is a good time to reflect on the goals you set a month ago. Are you keeping your New Year’s resolutions?

If you’re having trouble, maybe it’s time to take a lesson from the Snakes. Take a quiet moment and reflect on what is stopping you. Do you need to get serious? Do you need additional support? Are your goals genuine – do you want to do them or do you think you should do them? Why haven’t you kept your New Year’s Resolutions?

If your resolutions include improving your health in 2013, we at Canyon Health Center can help you. Give us a call to make an appointment.

Use the Chinese lunar New Year as a do-over. Commit to your New Year’s resolutions.