Traditional Chinese Medicine has its origin in ancient Taoist philosophy which views a person as an energy system in which body and mind are unified, each influencing and balancing the other. Unlike allopathic medicine which attempts to isolate and separate a disease from a person, Chinese medicine emphasizes a holistic approach that treats the whole body. We believe that acupuncture, massage therapy, along with herbal therapy, and proper diet and nutrition are some of the key tools to wellness. Many people are finding that Traditional methods of healing are excellent tools for maintaining Optimum health and preventing illness.  Time tested traditional medicines are safe and effective for physical, psychological and emotional conditions.

Jennifer Reilly  and Jennifer Little  are  drawn to Asian medicine because of its effectiveness in treating the whole person with a non-invasive approach. In addition,  they find great value in treating the root cause of illness, and not merely the symptoms. Such depth of treatment prevents recurrence of disease and discourages new illness from occurring. Having a deep interest and devotion to understanding and applying this ancient and powerful medicine, they are committed to providing the highest quality of care and working with their patients to achieve optimal health.

In addition to our acupuncturists, we also have Massage therapists, Michael Moore HMT, Marisa Clements CMT, and Kailey Larson, CMT  .  They specialize in deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping therapy and other modalities to support muscular release, healing and stress reduction. Our massage therapists are available for massage therapy, and can be scheduled before your acupuncture treatment or hourly in private practice.