Compression Therapy Athletic Recovery System

Canyon Health Center has recently opened “The Rec Room” located at 152 B Maple street just steps from the health clinic. The Rec Room is a “Recovery Lounge” designed around the art of recovery for the occasional, everyday, and highly competitive or endurance athlete.

These garments can also be used for patients with poor circulation, neuropathies and minor edema with Primary care approval.

We offer different vasopneumatic compression systems depending on your needs including Recovery Pump Boot Systems, Core Systems and Arm Sleeve systems.

These devices help with muscle fatigue, soreness, and inflammation by facilitating the bodies own natural healing process. Compression therapy removes waste products, increases circulation, and restores the delivery of nutrients to muscles.



“RecoveryPump keeps my legs fresh for every game.”

–Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors (2015 NBA MVP)

“My Recovery Pump is such a huge asset to my ability to go out and do what I love–smash myself–day in and day out! It helps give me my legs back to go again day after day.”
–Hillary Biscay, Ironman Champion

Core Compression:

  • Hip flexors
  • Low back
  • Hips
  • Glutes
  • Quads
  • Adductors
  • Hamstrings

Compression Boots:

    • Quads
    • Hamstrings
    • Knees
    • Calves
    • Ankles
    • Feet
    • We also have an arm sleeve for wrist, arm and shoulder issues, and mini boots for foot and ankle problems like plantar fasciitis, and achilles tendinitis.

At the Rec Room, Michael Moore AHMT, also provides massage therapy, cupping therapy, and kinesiology taping to support healing and recovery, in addition to his private bodywork sessions at Canyon Health Acupuncture clinic.

Book an appointment for any combination of these therapies, by 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Bring a friend and your first introductory 20 minutes is free!!

30 Minutes – $35

60 Minutes- $60

90 Minutes – $80


Call for 10 minute free consultation if interested.  530-888-0842